Alaska's Supreme Painting & Contracting  offers a restoration process to removing the old stains/clear coats and mildew. We have been chemical washing since it started. Before you decide to replace the siding call us! We can strip all the old clear coats, stains, and even paint from the siding, decks, and fences. Don't just let anybody attempt this before you do the foot work to make sure you got the right guys. Our photos will show you a small selection of what to expect. After the stiping and cleaning process we will provide you with a stain or finish coat of your choice. Let us bring out the beauty in your home!

Alaska Supreme Painting & Contracting  offers commercial painting from 1 story buildings to ?. That's right we will step up to the plate and service all. Heights are no problem, we enjoy giving new looks all over Anchorage an surrounding areas. Our commercial painting ranges from businesses, apartments, condo associations, restaurants, hotels, storage buildings, and plenty more. We will meet your needs when it comes to providing you with great service, we have a safety plan on all jobs we perform. Our commercial work is all backed by a warranty. Let us provide you with the best service.

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Exterior Painting

Alaska Supreme Painting & Contracting offers many different styles of homes being painted. Our photos are here to show you just a small sample of what we are capable of providing for you. We specialize in making new looks all over Anchorage and surrounding areas. We paint on the average of 100 homes through-out Anchorage, Eagle River and surrounding areas in Alaska each year. We can meet all your painting needs whether its big or small. Our painters and I will go the distance to provide you with only the best service available.

All jobs are covered with a Five (5) Year workmanship warranty. Our products also carry a product warranty.

Alaska Supreme Painting & Contracting specializes in providing you with all the new looks. If your looking to brighten up the home with a paint job then your in the right place. You pick your paint colors and we will provide you with only the best clean paint lines around. Colors no problem, we love to make a change. The photos are just a small selection of what we can provide and what we are capable of painting. Not only can we give you a great job, we can offer a great price that you can afford. All our work is in house, WE DO NOT SUB IT OUT. I have been providing painting, drywall and carpentry to Anchorage and surrounding areas for over 27+ Years. Let us provide you with professional friendly service you can trust with all your projects whether its big or small

Alaska Supreme Painting & Contracting offers a wide variety of Remodeling and carpentry. Our photos give you a small idea of what I'm capable of. I do all the carpentry that is needed to assure its done correctly. In need of Home remodeling, floor repairs, decks, sheds, Bathroom remodeling, replacement of rotted wood, or even building mini-pipes, just inquire and i can provide you with the best price. We offer drywall, mud, tape, and texture to any areas that need to be repaired or completed. Let us cover all your projects from start to finish. Us here at Alaska Supreme Painting & Contracting we go above and beyond your needs. Let us be your one stop contractor.

Remodeling/Deck builds

Commercial Painting

Exterior/interior painting photos-Washing-DECK BUILDER-Commercial paint photos

Interior Painting

Chemical Washing


               Alaska's Supreme Painting & Contracting offers a wide variety of services. We offer pictures ranging from exterior painting & Bathroom remodeling of homes to commercial properties. We specialize in providing many different interior painting schemes, you pick the colors and we will provide you with the best paint lines. Our pictures are to give you a idea of what we are capable of doing, keep in mind we have painted many homes through-out Anchorage and Eagle River.  We also provided you with photos ranging from framing , carpentry, flooring, decks, deck builds, and bathroom remodels. Our objective is to be able to provide you with all your needs. Alaska's Supreme Painting & Contracting is your one contractor you can count on for all your projects. Our painters and remodeling crews offer only the best Exterior/Interior painting & deck and remodeling services. So if your looking for a professional friendly painting or remodeling contractor look no further, we are your crew.

Our Motto for over 27+ Years: "Attention to detail is Our top Priority"